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Confirmed exhibitors

As of March 14 - this list is ever-expanding!

We're excited to announce our first batch of confirmed exhibitors for CPX 2016.

  • Dispatch: Ground-based last-mile delivery robot

  • CleverPet: Turns your home into an all-day intelligent playground for your dog

  • Anki: Intelligent games and memorization tools

  • Thimble: Monthly deliveries of DIY kits that teach coding, building, and hacking

  • Motive Mechatronics: Electro-mechanically actuated exercise equipment

  • VersaMe: Education wearable for babies to boost language development

  • Embrace Assistive Robotics: Smart walker robot that detects and prevents falling

  • Prynt: Phone case that can print photos and store video information

  • Shaper Tools: Augmented reality fabrication

  • Silk Labs: Sound recognition, computer vision, and machine learning for the home

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