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Countdown to CPX: Less than a week!

Check out all these amazing exhibitors... they keep on coming!

Hi folks,

With less than a week before CPX 2016, we keep confirming some amazing exhibitors! Check out our almost-maybe-final list of amazing companies and demos!

  • Ario: Believe it or not - a healthy lighting system
  • Ayda: Female health tracking made easy
  • Campaign: Furniture that lives, moves, and grows with you
  • Gestigon: Human-centric software and natural user interfaces
  • Life Detection Technologies: Heart and respiration capture with no user contact
  • Lily: Camera. Reinvented.
  • Molekule: The world's first molecular air purifier
  • Nixie: The first wearable camera that can fly
  • Particle Industries: A prototype - to - production platform for developing IOT tech
  • Podo: The world's first stick and shoot camera
  • Serenti:  Cook better, together

These exhibitors are in addition to our existing confirmed exhibitors:

  • Anki: Super cool toy cars

  • A/V Stim - Effortless deep relaxation training.

  • CleverPet: Turns your home into an all-day intelligent playground for your dog

  • Dispatch: Ground-based last-mile delivery robot

  • Enflux - Smart clothing that records full body motion

  • Lockitron - Unlock a bolt from anywhere using your smartphone
  • Motive Mechatronics: Electro-mechanically actuated exercise equipment

  • Prynt: Phone case that can print photos and store video information

  • Shaper Tools: Augmented reality fabrication

  • Silk Labs: Sound recognition, computer vision, and machine learning for the home

  • VersaMe: Education wearable for babies to boost language development

Attendees: Don't forget to visit our Eventbrite page below to let us know you're coming. Remember, CPX is always free and open to the public.

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