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CPX 2017 Exhibitors

We had a great line up at CPX 2017

  • CogniToys: Speech based smart toys that come packed with dynamic, educational content

  • Mayfield Robotics: Helpful home robots

  • Suitable Technologies: Beam remote presence system

  • Superflex: Lightweight, connected, and powered clothing equipped with "electric muscles"

  • Mesh: Platform of internet-connected modules for prototyping and building IoT devices

  • Lumos: World's first smart bicycle helmet

  • Super 73: Powerful electric bicycle full of features designed in California

  • Alta Motors: Performance, electric, supermoto and motocross motorcycles made in California

  • Nima: Pocket-sized gluten sensor

  • Lucid VR: 3D consumer camera for virtual reality

  • Acton Inc: World's lightest electric skateboard and 4WD electric longboard

  • Oval Digital: Smart sensors providing instant alerts from anywhere in the world

  • Viewpoint Systems: System for recording, displaying and interpreting human eye movements

  • Stick: AI-enabled visual communication tool

  • Sensel: Multi-touch, pressure sensitive input device

  • moForte: Musical instrument for iOS devices based on modeling the physics strings

  • CloudKeyz: Secured access management for multi-family properties

  • Ario: Smart lighting system

  • Togg: Indoor smart position sensor

  • Core Aegis: Lightweight, weatherproof, hands-free calling enabled bluetooth speaker

  • Zume Pizza: Pizza company embracing technology to deliver better, fresher, and faster pizzas

  • Flosstime: Smart floss dispenser designed to help you build daily flossing habits

  • Lioness: Smart vibrator empowering self discovery

  • Knife Robot Auto Sharp: Innovative automatic knife sharpener

  • Wisp: Smart window solution for any window

  • Obe: Smart dog and cat bowls - for happier and healthier pets

In addition to the above, we are expecting a few surprise visitors that may drop by throughout the day with their cool products!

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