Since 2001 the Cool Product Expo (CPX) has hosted exhibitors on Stanford GSB’s campus to showcase the most innovative products from Silicon Valley and beyond. The event, one of the largest student-run events on campus, draws visitors from across the university and its surrounding community from entrepreneurs, investors, academics, and everyone in between.

Unlike most exhibits, CPX is designed for students and run by students. Led by a combination of MBA1 and MBA2's whose experiences range from fintech and agtec to design and education, CPX 2018 will be the first expo to focus on companies and products that “change lives”. Exhibitors will demo the latest technologies that deliver meaningful social impact for individuals and communities, a theme that resonates beyond the Stanford campus. Products include groundbreaking hardware, software, consumer tech, wearables, thinkables, driveables - anything and everything you can imagine.
The CPX team is particularly excited about this year’s conference because of the products and innovations that were only made possible by combining thinkers, doers, and makers that have envisioned a better world with a platform to share that vision. Over a thousand visitors attended CPX 2017 and countless connections were made across and beyond the Stanford community. Connecting entrepreneurs and their cutting edge products with the broader community here in Silicon Valley is a pillar of the CPX team. For CPX 2018, we can’t wait to share what happens when innovation meets impact.

If you are an entrepreneur and are interested in exhibiting, fill out our form here. Those looking to attend will be able to sign up on our site shortly.

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