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Exhibitor Spotlight: AvatarMind’s iPal

We are very excited to introduce AvatarMind’s iPal to CPX!

iPal is a fully functional humanoid robot that is 3.5 feet tall. It has many motors, microphones, cameras, sensors (infrared, ultrasound and touch) which enable iPal to be aware of its surroundings and to facilitate interactions with and between humans. iPal™ is an open system based on the Android operating system with extensions for motion, sensors and natural language conversation, allowing a wealth of third party applications to be delivered on a robot.

iPal is designed with a friendly, non-threatening demeanor, and has multiple sensors to assure safe human interaction. iPal has a conversational spoken language interface, facial expressions, full arm/hand movement, and has the potential to sense the mood of people. iPal encourages physical activity and enables people to stay connected with their friends and the world.

See more details on iPal’s website at

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