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Exhibitor Spotlight: Eatwell

Inspired by her late grandmother who had Alzheimer’s disease, Sha of Sha Design, sought to better understand the disease by volunteering in adult day care centers. She discovered that eating was one of the most challenging daily activities. The cognitive and various sensory impairments of Alzheimer’s and other dementias can result in a variety of eating problems. She noticed that dementia sufferers often ate less than they should, and accidents with spilled food and tipped cups were common.

That’s the reason Sha created Eatwell, a tableware set with a user-centered design that helps to increase food intake and maintain dignity for its users, while also helping to alleviate caring burdens by making the process of eating as easy as possible. Sha designed Eatwell to help not only dementia sufferers but anyone anyone with cognitive or physical impairments, or difficulty eating.

The major features of the product include:

  • high contrast colors help users distinguish food from tableware and stimulate appetite.
  • specially curved spoons match the contours of the bowls to provide smoother, easier motions.
  • slanted bottom and deep chambers collect food at corners for easier scooping.
  • anti-tip design helps prevent accidents from mishandled cups and mugs

The tableware set has received several design awards and been featured in publications including Fast Company, Time Magazine, and Forbes, and won the Design Competition from the Stanford University Center on Longevity in 2014.

Learn more about Eatwell at CPX 2018 and at

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