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Exhibitor Spotlight: LUCI

With CPX 2018 a day away, we're proud to announce that LUCI will be joining the group of exhibitors. LUCI is an entertainment company committed to unbinding users from the shackles of the current limitations present in wearable and virtual reality hardware by delivering moments of joyful disruptions that highlight the beauty of storytelling through content experiences.

Through the first 4K ultra-HD immersion-on-demand headset, LUCI immers, LUCI looks to fundamentally change how people consume content by giving users the most visually stunning experience possible with wearable technology. LUCI users will be amazed by the visual details that create emotionally moving narratives.

LUCI immers is the first in ultra-HD wearable technology and boasts an impressive 3,000+ PPI display for an immersive 3D and 4K entertainment experience. Allowing the user to enjoy content wherever they are, whether it's laying down, sitting or standing up for extended periods of time, LUCI immers is a fusion of technical ingenuity and beautiful craftsmanship.

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Instagram: @discoverluci

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